Funny Monday Morning Motivation Mug with saying

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Home and Office Motivation-Mug

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Do you know this?

Monday morning snaps you out of your sleep surprisingly, too quickly, unexpectedly and unwelcome.

from your sleep.

Then you rush to the bathroom because you didn't groan, react, and then get up until the ninth wake-up call - stub your little toe on the bedpost.

and then got up - stubbed your little toe on the bedpost, realized that the toothpaste tube was

toothpaste tube has already been squeezed to a minimum and is triumphing with only air, but you have

but you haven't bought a new one.

The next act of this scenario turns out to be a breakfast of cold pizza, Red

Bull and Helene Pisces from the radio. Then it comes to a head, when you spill the last of your clean shirt

shirt and the top ... the car does not start.

So you arrive at the office late, short of breath and in a roaring bad mood. Your e-mails

your emails are screaming to be processed, the coffee is empty, the phone won't stop ringing and your colleagues are

and your colleagues are entertaining you with vital information that is a cocktail of "The boss was waiting for you...".

for you ... Helga has a new hairstyle - doesn't suit her at all ...".

You would like to give up and wave the white flag.

But then your eyes fall on your favorite cup. Your coffee cup. A cup of

A cup of salvation and your anchor.

A smile spreads, you let the phone ring even more, your colleagues, including your boss, are ignored.

including the boss are ignored and your beloved coffee cup forgives you for abusing it as a

tea cup and fill it with herbal tea.

Our funny, cool mug with funny sayings and special design is your


Always good for a laugh and makes you smile, even when the apocalypse

is coming.

The high quality ceramic coffee mug is made in Germany and is handcrafted with

long-lasting sublimation colors refined. The imprint of the coffee mug survives

2000 dishwashing cycles without loss of quality.

We would like to sweeten your everyday life with the funny office mug, make it more pleasant and easier.


With a capacity of about 300 ml. the mug offers you a generous volume

for the drink and the content of your choice and the stylish / trendy black (handle

and interior color) can easily keep up with the scene and demands in the 21st century.

Neutral - cool - hip - forever.

Coffee mug is a perfect gift for birthday, Valentine's Day, Christmas,

Anniversary for nice colleagues (Yes! There are actually) or just so, if you want to make

want to make a friend:in a joy and the mug as a joke, gag,

surprise, attention, small gift, souvenir, motivation would like to give.

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